Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Liang Zhang

Committee Members

Matthew E.H. Petering, Vishnuteja Nanduri, Yingchun Yuan, Zhijian Huang


Aggregation, Bernoulli, Geometric, Real Time, Serial, Transient


Productivity analysis, operation control and energy consumption reduction

have been the central topics in manufacturing research and practice. They are closely related to each other. Control of production operations is considered as one of the most economical methods to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing systems, while system performance analysis serves as the base of production control. On the other hand, effective operation control can result to energy efficiency in manufacturing.

Steady state analysis has been investigated extensively; however, transient analysis remained largely unexplored. Our research focuses on system modeling, performance analysis, and real-time operation control of serial production lines with unreliable machines and finite buffers, especially in transient period, with Bernoulli or geometric reliability. Analytical results, practical case studies and applications for energy efficient manufacturing are provided. A simulation using ARENA software to reproduce and analyze brewery production line is performed.