Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Brian Armstrong

Committee Members

George Hanson, Marius Schmidt


Crystallograpy, Crystals-PYP and CCNIR, Microfocus X-Ray Source


The main objective of this thesis was to build a Laboratory Microfocus X-ray Source for Protein Crystallography (LMXS-PC), an X-ray source that would provide prospective users programmatic control and remote capability.

A study of the crystal was conducted using Photoactive Yellow protein (PYP) and cytochrome c nitrite reductase (ccNiR). The instrument was then tested by mounting the crystal in the instrument and collecting data.

The other objective of my research work was to determine the crystal structure of PYP using X-ray crystallography techniques. I attempted many trials in PYP crystal in an effort to achieve a high-quality diffraction pattern; however, crystals diffract to less than 2 Å resolution limit. My interest in the crystal of Photoactive Yellow Protein to understand how electron density is obtained from the information contained within the diffraction patterns.