Date of Award


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Master of Science



First Advisor

Zengwang Xu

Committee Members

Changshan Wu, Woonsup Choi, Rina Ghose


Population Grid, Race and Age


Population grids have been widely used in estimating population in environmental justice studies and emergency management. The currently available population grids are only for total population. There is an increasing need for population grids that have not only total population but also populations of different age, gender, race, and ethnicity. This study explores the methodology to develop these population grids endowed with the demographic characteristics. Areal interpolation methods are used to transfer total population at census blocks to the cells of the grid. Kernel density method is used to estimate the relative probability of population of different subgroups at the cells, and to disaggregate total population into subgroups. Population grids of black, white, and other, as well as populations of age 20 to 34 and age 65 and over, are derived for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Applications of the population grids demonstrate their potentials.

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Geography Commons