Date of Award

December 2012

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Psychology

First Advisor

Karen C. Stoiber

Committee Members

Mary McLean, Wen Luo, Markeda Newell, Robyn Ridley


Functional Behavior Assessment, Preschool, Treatment Integrity


The primary purpose of this study was to determine whether preschool teachers with the help of a consultant would conduct a functional behavior assessment and implement a positive behavior support plan (PBSP) with integrity. Further, the current study investigated: would the PBSP improve student behavior, would performance feedback improve teacher treatment integrity, and would greater treatment integrity be associated with improved child outcomes? Participants included two consultants, two preschool teachers, two target students, and one control student. The target and control students were all four years old and African American; two were male and one female. A noncurrent multiple baseline design across subjects was used. Measures used were the Classroom Competence Observation Form, Treatment Integrity Observation Form designed for this study, and Social Competence Performance Checklist (Functional Assessment and Intervention System; Stoiber, 2004). Findings indicated teachers were able to implement the PBSP with low-moderate to moderate integrity. Teacher feedback was noted to have some impact to treatment integrity but the evidence was not strong. Student behavior improved during the course of implementation of the PBSP, however maturation effects can not be ruled out as related to the positive change. Teacher rating of student behavior indicated the control student's challenging behavior significantly increased over the course of the study while both target intervention students had no significant change in challenging behavior. These results suggest the PBSP had a protective effect for worsening behavior. Implications of the research include that children with challenging behavior can benefit from PBSPs, school psychologists should conduct consultations aimed at improving preschool students' behavior part of their regular practice ,and they should attempt to provide feedback to the teachers on treatment integrity whenever possible as it can improve teacher adherence to the PBSP.