Date of Award

May 2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

George Clark

Committee Members

Liam Callanan, Rachecl Spilka, Brenda Cardenas, Benjamin Johnson




In the small town of Juan, Texas, eight residents struggle with tradition versus progress over the course of a story that begins and ends with murder. A few of them are Corine and Lola Espinosa--sisters who are abandon in Juan while their mother pursues love; Daniel Wilton--nearly an orphan, he resists the constricting traditions of Juan; Felipe Chavez, son of Mike Chavez, the sheriff, struggles with loving a woman who wants nothing more than to live somewhere else than Juan; Mike Chavez is a complicated man who carries the love of two women; and Grace, along with a few other business owners, are also a part of the power struggle with the respected Maria Espinosa, Corine's and Lola's grandmother, who wants to honor traditions above all else. This, in essence, is Juan.