Date of Award

August 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Educational Psychology

First Advisor

Bo Zhang

Committee Members

Susie Lamborn, Kyongboon Kwon


Generalizability Theory, Peer Assessment, Rater Reliability, Self Assessment, Urban, Validity


This project studied the validity and reliability of self and peer assessments used for group work. The targeted population is middle school students in urban schools. The sample includes 45 sixth graders selected from a public middle school in a large Midwestern metropolitan area. The students worked in groups to complete a classroom project. Self and peer assessment forms were used to rate each member's contribution to the group work. A Generalizability Theory design was used to evaluate the reliability of self and peer assessments. The validity of student ratings was assessed by comparing them to those assigned by the teacher. Results of this study indicate that peer ratings were not significantly different from teacher scores, but self-assessment scores were significantly higher than teacher scores. Acceptable rater reliability was achieved only when self-assessment scores were excluded.