Date of Award

August 2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Yue Liu

Committee Members

Hani Titi, Xiao Qin


Civil Engineering, Construction, Lighting Plan, Night Time Construction, Transportation, Workzone


Night construction is frequently used because it can better satisfy the primary traffic control objectives than daytime work. If night construction is used, the design of illumination plans should be analyzed and developed as part of the project development process.

There are fewer crews out working on the road in the winter, partly because of the conditions but also because the days are shorter and there’s not a lot of light by which to work.

In fact, the days can get short enough, especially as you go farther north, that even a normal day involves some “night work.” Construction work zones are also increasingly active at night during the summer to accommodate traffic and tight project schedules. At any time of the year, road construction at night requires proper lighting to ensure quality work and for everyone’s safety.