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In Spring of 2000 the Employment and Training Institute conducted a follow-up study of Milwaukee Public Schools students who had graduated in June of 1999 to determine their employment and schooling activities. The parents and guardians of all graduates were sent an introductory letter from the MPS Superintendent explaining the purpose of the study along with a written survey form. Families not responding to the initial mailing were contacted by phone during April and May of 2000. The majority of graduates reporting from the Class of 1999 were employed and almost half were enrolled in postsecondary education in the Spring of2000. For male graduates, 73 percent were employed (including 7 percent in the military, 3 percent in apprenticeship programs, and 27 percent who were working while attending school). For female graduates, 70 percent were employed (including 2 percent in the military, less than 0.2 percent in apprenticeship programs, and 33 percent who were employed while attending school). Of MPS graduates pursuing further education, 60 percent attended Wisconsin public universities and colleges, 21 percent attended private universities and colleges in-state and out-of-state, and II percent attended public schools out-of-state.