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This study tracked records on 142,755 students attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee during the period Fall 1988 through Fall 2000. Student files were used to construct a longitudinal database tracking semester experiences, graduate information, and demographic data and matched against January 2000 Wisconsin Department of Transportation driver’s license data and Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development data on all employer-reported wages for Wisconsin companies, nonprofits, and government agencies. Most Wisconsin high school graduates attending and graduating from UWM with a bachelor’s degree continue to live and work in Wisconsin. Of 22,438 bachelor’s degree graduates (1988-1998) coming from Wisconsin high schools, 89 percent were found to live or work in Wisconsin in 1999 with 76 percent working as employees in Wisconsin during 1999. In addition, 74 percent of 3,378 UWM students NOT coming from Wisconsin high schools and graduating from UWM (1988-1998) remain in Wisconsin after graduation. Three-fourths were shown to have a current driver’s license or working in the state. As a result, there appears to be no net out-migration of UWM graduates, due to the high number of in-state residents remaining and the majority of non-Wisconsin high school graduates choosing to stay as well.