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As part of its "W-2" ("Wisconsin Works") legislated changes in the state welfare system, the State of Wisconsin made a substantial commitment to provide day care support for low-income employed families, using federal TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) and child care block grant funds. This report on day care usage was developed to assist Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin in their long-term efforts to build an effective day care payment delivery system for employed families. The analysis examines the utilization of child care subsidies for "W-2" and low-income families in Milwaukee County from January 1996 through February 1999, analyzes payments to care providers, and reviews public assistance records ("W-2," food stamps and medical assistance) to assess use and type of child care subsidized in the county. The study also explores the experience of adults offering provisional, certified and licensed child care to gauge income received for this work in 1998, compared to prior years.