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The Employment and Training Institute has worked with the Private Industry Council (PIC) of Milwaukee County to prepare analysis of JTPA Title IIA participant outcomes over time. This report analyzes data on all JTPA Title IIA participants in Milwaukee County for a seven-year period and tracks their wage history using the employee wage records retrieved from the Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations for First Quarter 1988 through Second Quarter 1994. The PIC has served increasingly difficult populations in the Title IIA JTPA programs, including long-term AFDC recipients (up from 16 percent of clients in CY 1988 to 25 percent in CY 1994), high school dropouts (up from 30 percent of clients in 1991-1993 to 37 percent in 1994), and single parent clients (up from 25 percent of clients in 1988 to 37 percent in 1990, 1991 and 1993, to 42 percent in 1994). Less than 50 percent of JTPA participants showed any earnings in the four quarters prior to JTPA enrollment. Despite an increasing share of hard-to-serve individuals, full-time employment in the quarter after termination reached an all-time high of 44 percent in CY 1993 and well above the low of 30 percent in 1991. On-the-job training remained the best performer overall and across years. OJT participants consistently posted the best full-time employment rates and entered employment rates measured one quarter after termination.