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To address the need for information on local labor market needs, the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage Commission, Private Industry Council of Milwaukee County and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee joined together in a unique partnership effort to survey businesses in the metropolitan area and to improve planning for employment of Milwaukee residents. This study summarizes the project's Establishment Survey of Job Openings detailing the types of jobs available at a point-in-time in the metropolitan area by industry, location, full or part-time status and level of fringe benefits. The 11,870 full-time job openings available the week of May 24, 1993, represented about 20 percent of jobs needed for the estimated 61,000 - 63,000 persons seeking or expected to work that month. If part-time and full-time job openings are combined, the total of 21,147 jobs represented about 35 percent of jobs needed for the Milwaukee metro population. While family poverty is concentrated in Milwaukee, only 1,289 of the May 1993 full-time job openings were located in central city neighborhoods. Only half of these jobs offered health insurance and wages above poverty for a family of four.