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The week of May 24, 2006, an estimated 24,056 full and part-time jobs were open for immediate hire in the four-county Milwaukee metropolitan area. These openings are the result of company expansions, labor shortages in difficult to fill positions, seasonal fluctuations, and normal turnover among the 747,554 employed workers in the area. The job vacancy study was prepared by the Employment and Training Institute for the Private Industry Council of Milwaukee County. The highest increase in full-time openings was seen in the manufacturing sector, which showed 1,520 more full-time openings in May 2006 than in May 2005. The number of full-time openings in manufacturing is at an all-time high for the last decade and at its second-highest level since the survey began in 1993. Part-time openings were up by 645 since May 2005, mainly due to an increase of 298 jobs in retail and wholesale trade and 205 jobs in the service sector. Part-time openings are still significantly below the levels shown in the late 1990s, when over 14,000 part-time jobs were available.