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Fall 1973





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During a study of the plant species of a lowland hardwood stand at the western edge of the Cedarburg Bog (Farley, 1973), it was noted that significant environmental changes had occurred here and throughout the bog which resulted in the present-day vegatation patterns. Many of these changes can be attributed to the various post-settlement land-use practices which were employed in the Town of Saukville (TllN, R21E), Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, where this bog is located. To document this information a literature survey was made of the various studies which ha ve been carried out in this area (Cutler, 1936; Grittinger, 1969; Krauskopf, 1972; Farley, 1973; Meyer, 1973), land records were checked and several long-time residents of the area were interviewed to corroborate these land practices and their effects on the bog. It is hoped the data compiled in this report may be of value in future studies of the biota of this area.