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This paper proposes a novel robust control method for the control of a 7-DOF exoskeleton robot. The external disturbances and unknown dynamics in the form of friction forces, different upper-limb's mass, backlash, and input saturation make robot unstable, which prevents the robot from correctly following the defined path. A new fractional sliding mode controller (NFSMC) is designed, which is robust against unknown dynamic and external disturbances. Fractional PID controller (FPID) has high trajectory tracking, but it is not robust against external disturbances. Therefore, by combining NFSMC and FPID controllers, a new compound fractional PID sliding mode controller (NCFPIDSMC) is proposed, which benefits high trajectory tracking of FPID and robustness of NFSMC. The stability of the proposed control method is verified by Lyapunov theory. A random noise is applied in order to confirm the robustness of the proposed control method.