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Effects of Thresholding on Voxel-Wise Correspondence of Breath-Hold and Resting-State Maps of Cerebrovascular Reactivity
Nooshin J. Fesharaki, Amy B. Matthew, Jedidiah R. Matthis, Wendy E. Huddleston, James L. Reuss, Jay J. Pillal, and Edgar A. DeYoe


Analyzing Religious Texts, Objects, and Archaeological Evidence
Casey Flynn, Justin Gleesing, and Emily Holtzman


Spirituality: In Crises, Consciousness, and Country
Deniz Ecem Şen, Sayema Khatun, and Kyle Melatti


Interreligious Engagement: Discourse, Rationality, and Race
Madison Tarleton, Andrew M. Kasten, and Stephen Hawkins

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