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Spring 2018



CreatingCommunity_00_FrontMatter.pdf (381 kB)
Front Matter

CreatingCommunity_01_ProjectOverview.pdf (341 kB)
Project Overview

CreatingCommunity_02_BuildingConnectivity.pdf (1085 kB)
Building Connectivity

CreatingCommunity_03_MilwaukeeMadeMarket.pdf (780 kB)
Milwaukee Made Market

CreatingCommunity_04_GreeningTheHaymarket.pdf (661 kB)
Greening the Haymarket

CreatingCommunity_05_HaymarketAgricultureAlliance.pdf (635 kB)
Haymarket Agriculture Alliance

CreatingCommunity_06_CommunityofResidences.pdf (703 kB)
Community of Residences

CreatingCommunity_07_HaymarketRevival.pdf (796 kB)
Haymarket Revival

CreatingCommunity_08_ReconnectTheNeighborhood.pdf (1702 kB)
Reconnect the Neighborhood

CreatingCommunity_09_DevelopingDensity.pdf (872 kB)
Developing Density

CreatingCommunity_10_WaterwayConnections.pdf (493 kB)
Waterway Connections

CreatingCommunity_11_ResidentialEscape.pdf (689 kB)
Residential Escape

CreatingCommunity_12_LinkToTheRiver.pdf (504 kB)
Link to the River

CreatingCommunity_13_NeighborhoodGathering.pdf (324 kB)
Neighborhood Gathering

CreatingCommunity_14_DestinationDensity.pdf (470 kB)
Destination Density

CreatingCommunity_15_EconSocialEnvResilience.pdf (1089 kB)
Econ, Social, Env Resilience

CreatingCommunity_16_Acknowledgments.pdf (694 kB)

Creating Community : Integrating Urban Design & Development to Create a Vibrant District