Urban Studies 600 Capstone


A case study on affordable housing developments In Milwaukee

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Capstone Project

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In many cities throughout the United States, there is a major shortage of affordable housing. The demand for affordable housing is an ongoing crisis for Milwaukee in particular, and there needs to be more implementation of new affordable housing developments in areas across the Milwaukee region. This study will focus on a variety of recent affordable housing developments in Milwaukee and will also address the reasons behind why certain developments are more likely to be successful or developed in one area over another, and the implications of each for addressing housing needs. This study will draw on a variety of data sources, such as specific housing policies, zoning laws, community responses to proposed housing developments, and the role of government actors and advocacy organizations for promoting and supporting affordable housing. Findings will show those factors that are most important in the race to develop more affordable housing in Milwaukee and will further contextualize specific housing development outcomes as well as providing a set of policy recommendations for housing practitioners.

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