The UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium celebrates undergraduate research at UW-Milwaukee through oral and performing arts presentations and poster and visual arts presentations. For more information about the 10th Annual 2018 conference. Read more here: The Annual UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium, or contact Kyla Esguerra, Associate Director of the UWM Office of Undergraduate Research. ​

We encourage student participants to upload their presentation materials (Power Point, Posters, Videos, Audio, etc.) to this site. Please note you will need to have your faculty mentor approve publication of research materials to the site. Publication of your research in the UWM Digital Commons will help build a record of your research work and will be available to a wide audience!

If you wish to upload your work, please email us. We will contact your mentor(s) for their approval. The deadline for your 2018 submission is June 1. The deadline for your mentor(s) approval is July 1.

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