Community Engaged Research in First Year Composition is a digital collection that provides publicly available resources about social issues impacting communities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The collection is composed and curated by students, teachers, and librarians affiliated with the first year composition classes at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Since its inception in 2018, this public writing project was developed with the intention to grow as writers and researchers contribute to, and circulate, its texts each year. We hope that visitors will find a unique set of resources for their own interests in social issues concerning communities around Milwaukee. Building on their study of how information cycles impact the ways we read, study, and understand current events, the authors featured in this collection have thought critically about what should drive community engaged research in Milwaukee today. Pieces selected for publication in this collection have gone through a review process and are intended to connect readers with other resources for their own research and writing. Ultimately, we hope that Community Engaged Research in First Year Composition can further efforts to connect university resources with community expertise to work toward social justice and a better future for all residents of Milwaukee.


Submissions from 2019


Milwaukee's Theater Scene: The Evolution of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Terese Radke