Geospatial Teaching and Learning


Injeong Jo and Jung Eun Hong, guest editors of the special issue of IJGER on Geospatial Teaching and Learning, invite submission of papers that focus on the theory and practice of teaching and learning that can promote geospatial knowledge and skills of students at all levels. We invite manuscripts on relevant topics including, but not limited to:

  • examining the relationship of various approaches to teaching and learning with the development of students’ geospatial knowledge and skills;
  • demonstrating strategies to use geospatial technologies to achieve specific learning goals;
  • Citizen scientist data
  • introducing the sources and exemplary applications of geospatial data, tools, and applications that are appropriate for general classroom uses;
  • offering insights into the current issues, future trends, and strategies for geospatial teaching and learning to move forward.
  • Manuscripts should adhere to the IJGER Policies outlined at http://dc.uwm.edu/ijger/policies.html. Potential authors should first submit an abstract (150- 250 words) detailing the proposed manuscript to both Injeong Jo (ijo@txstate.edu) and Jung Eun Hong (jhong@westga.edu) by January 5, 2018. Authors will then be asked to submit completed manuscripts for review by March 23, 2018.


    January 5, 2018: Abstract submission deadline

    January 12, 2018: Email notification of abstract review results

    March 23, 2018: Submission of manuscripts (submit via IJGER Web site at http://dc.uwm.edu/ijger)

    May 4, 2018: Editorial decision sent to authors

    June 1, 2018: Final revised paper submission deadline

    June 22, 2018: Final editorial decision sent to authors

    July 31, 2018: Manuscript published online

    The editors will process abstracts and manuscripts as soon as they receive them without waiting until due dates. For inquiries, please email Injeong Jo at ijo@txstate.edu or Jung Eun Hong at jhong@westga.edu.