The Editors invite submission of papers that can be considered for inclusion in the special issue of IJGER, which focuses on the potential effects of spatial autocorrelation (SAC) on the procedure and outcomes of geospatial and environmental modeling.

Spatial autocorrelation is inherent in any type of spatial data, be they societal, environmental or biological. Hence, the potential influences of SAC and efforts to incorporate them into a geospatial modeling or mapping procedure have long been a paradigm in the literature of geospatial and environmental sciences. We invite original review or research papers that discuss the theoretical and/or methodological development related to this topic.

The potential research topics for this special issue include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Why is SAC nearly ubiquitous in spatial data?
  • Measurement, analysis, and methodological questions concerning SAC
  • Development of statistical techniques for detecting SAC
  • Incorporation of SAC into geospatial and environmental modeling
  • Effects of (not) accounting for SAC on modeling outcomes
  • Time-line

    There is no specific deadline for submitting an abstract or a manuscript for this special issue. IJGER plans to keep this special issue open for at least next two years (i.e., until June 2019).

    Inquiries should be directed to: Guest editor, Dr. Daehyun Kim (biogeokim@snu.ac.kr)