Corresponding Author

Maisarah Abdul Halim


The availability of watershed delineation that has been generated from DEM data is difficult to obtain and the accessibility of DEM data which are unrestricted and precise are hard to obtain in Malaysia. The aim of this study is to examine the accuracy of watershed delineation between Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from ASTER and SRTM in Johor State Malaysia. In this study, free online data sources from USGS website are used to delineate watershed from ASTER and SRTM satellite imageries. The hydrological modelling tool namely ArcSWAT is utilized to delineate watersheds for both DEM datasets. Both DEM data that had been mosaiced using ERDAS imagine and their DEM is generated using ArcGIS. Watershed boundary for the whole Johor State is then being delineated by using ArcSWAT. ASTER and SRTM accuracies were verified using correlation analysis and mean center distance with data from Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID). Study indicated that DID watershed area is correlated to ASTER and SRTM at 67.60% and 67.85%. While for DID watershed perimeter demonstrated that it is related to ASTER and SRTM at 60.33% and 61.71%. ASTER watershed number displayed better result compared to SRTM at 97.27%. In addition, total mean center distance for ASTER and SRTM are 148.485 and 200.200 where it shows the total mean center distance of ASTER is almost close with DID. Area difference for ASTER is related to SRTM at 95.35% and perimeter difference for ASTER is associated to SRTM at 98.60%. The results from this study have successfully indicated that both ASTER and SRTM DEMs are suitable for watershed delineation for Johor State at free and reliable sources.



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