Corresponding Author

Nabilah Naharudin


Walkability is one of the issues to be addressed in the planning of smart urban cities. Although, there is a substantial amount of studies on outdoor walking pedestrian, limited study has been done to address indoor walkability. Recently, most of the pedestrians are likely to use indoor route than outdoor route to protect themselves from sun and rain as most of the indoor routes are located on the buildings such as shopping mall and rail transit station. Therefore, it important to collect all the relevant information in the indoor building to addressed the walkability issues. The GeoSLAM ZEB REVO scanner is used for its convenience to access narrow space, busy area and complex building structure. This scanner is portable and easy to handle by the operator as it can be attached on the cart or carry it with backpack. The scanner captures the building geometry and facilities and present it in the form of point cloud. Then necessary information can be extracted from the point cloud using point cloud segmentation method. The end user such as town planner can benefit from the final product to design future building with pedestrian-friendly tool to encourage more people to walk. Therefore, it brings impact to the society by providing the healthy lifestyle in addition to reducing the use of private vehicle on the road.



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